ReluxNet® – THE search machine for luminaires and sensors

Are you looking for suitable luminaires, light sources or sensors for your project?

Use the product data for your planning work with the applications provided by Relux. You need product data in the file formats: rlx (Relux), rfa (Revit), dwg (AutoCAD), ldt (Eulum), ies (IES)?

Leading international manufacturers make around one million product versions and items of measurement data available to you on this online platform. The product data are also ported, in parallel, into additional data formats so that you, the users, can work with them in other applications too.

ReluxNet® can also do a great deal more:

● Compare products and save your favourites!

● Enter your own products! Make the online database into your day-to-day work tool – data cannot be more up-to-date than this!

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