ReluxCAD for Revit for electrical designers

The ReluxCAD for Revit add-on enables lighting design in Revit. Enhance the quality of your specialist planning.

Interface to BIM: a bidirectional interface to Revit enables loss-free communication.

New : Including EN 12464-1:2021

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What does the software offer?

Using the ReluxCAD for Revit add-on, the required number of luminaires in interior spaces can be determined in line with standards. Electrical designers are thus equipped with an easy-to-use and comprehensible simulation tool in their familiar working environment.

A native interface to the ReluxDesktop application enables loss-free communication with lighting designers.

As an electrical designer, you are responsible for ensuring that the positioning of luminaires in buildings complies with standards. On average, only 10% of installed luminaires are checked for compliance with lighting standards at present.

Enhance the planning quality of lighting in buildings! This tool allows you to do just that.

US edition – for US-based users only

Includes Imperial measurement unit, US best practice.
Please use special link to download US edition.

Reach your goal, in two steps.
1. Select luminaires and sensors

The add-on imports rfa or ies files and automatically adapts them to the particular Revit version.

Using neutral products in your planning? No problem! Import them and don't forget to include the light distribution curve.

2. Assign, calculate and display usage profiles and luminaires

Inform the Room Manager of the main activities carried out in the rooms, then obtain the requirements with regard to standards. 
Select the desired luminaire type for the basic lighting.

When the lighting simulation begins, the lighting in each room in the building is calculated correctly and luminaires are positioned automatically.

A usage list is created to clarify which luminaires are to be installed where.
The lighting simulation can be displayed in 2D or 3D.

Practical Features
Clear display of
complex products
Clear display of complex products

Luminaires may contain several heads with different light distribution curves. We help you maintain an overview.

Interior & exterior
measurement areas
Interior & exterior measurement areas

Standard-sized measurement areas are created automatically. However, individual measurement areas can also be assigned to objects.

Simulation of IEC 63180
passive infrared sensors
Simulation of IEC 63180 passive infrared sensors

Sensor planning in real time. Reliable planning of PIR detectors is possible thanks to our involvement in the SensNorm association and CECAPI.

Bidirectional interface -
Communication with lighting designers
Bidirectional interface - Communication with lighting designers

A bidirectional interface enables loss-free communication with the ReluxDesktop lighting design programme.

ReluxDesktop was developed for lighting designers and fulfils all the needs of those working in this field in a professional capacity.


Emergency lighting calculation is coming in 2023

System requirements

Supports Revit versions from 2016 to 2023

Please note: Third-party add-ons can only be used in the full version of Revit, not in Revit LT.

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Exclusively for new customers and those interested in lighting design in Revit: Learn in a free 20-minute online presentation how you can make lighting design work processes even more efficient with the help of the ReluxCAD for Revit add-on. Available in German, English, French or Italian.

Customer Feedback
ReluxCAD for Revit improves the workflow for lighting design using Revit. A great tool for both lighting designers and electrical engineers.

Kristina Allison

Senior Lighting Designer
Atkins London
United Kingdom
RELUX is ready for the future, because they are connected to BIM. And BIM is the future.

Léon de Wit

Lighting Designer, TRILUX
Relux CAD for Revit reduces our planning steps from the lighting calculation to the BIM model and makes our work in large projects more efficient.

Christina Königl

Lighting Designer
SÜSS Beratende Ingenieure Part GmbB

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ReluxDesktop is a high-performance, intuitively-operated application for simulating artificial light and daylight.

ReluxCAD for AutoCAD

Add-on for other programs
Useful functions with an interface to ReluxDesktop.

ReluxCAD for TinLine Plan

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Useful functions with an interface to ReluxDesktop

ReluxEnergy CH

Add-on for ReluxDesktop & ReluxSuite
Minergie Suisse Standard to SIA 387/4 and SIA 380/4


Add-on for ReluxDesktop
Real tunnel calculation based on the current standards.


Additional function for ReluxDesktop
Evaluation of glare by obstrusive light