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Add-on for TinLinePlan

Compile your lighting and sensor plan in TinLine Plan. Define the necessary room parameters for the calculations. Thanks to the bidirectional interface to the Relux Desktop application, you obtain all the calculation results in the presentation mode you require for your CAD plan.

Do you use 3D objects from time to time?

Using the built-in interface, you can transfer 3D objects from one application to another via Copy & Paste. A great performance for a low financial outlay!

System requirements:

TinLinePlan as of 2017, ReluxDesktop as of 2017


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ReluxDesktop is a high-performance, intuitively-operated application for simulating artificial light and daylight.

ReluxCAD for Revit

Add-on for other programs
Useful functions for Autodesk Revit

ReluxCAD for AutoCAD

Add-on for other programs
Useful functions with an interface to ReluxDesktop.

ReluxEnergy CH

Add-on for ReluxDesktop & ReluxSuite
Minergie Suisse Standard to SIA 387/4 and SIA 380/4


Add-on for ReluxDesktop
Real tunnel calculation based on the current standards.


Additional function for ReluxDesktop
Evaluation of glare by obstrusive light

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